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Team Sheets

Hi All,

For all Bournemouth Hayward Football League M. A. Hart Cup Matches you will need to use Teamsheets. These are to be filled in and given to the Referee and the Opposition 5 minutes before the game, as per Rule 15.

Prior to the 2015/16 season you had to buy a 3 page booklet from the Office and fill in on the day of the match. The hassle of this on a cold, wet January day is the main reason we do not use teamsheets in out League games.

We now have a word Document that you can download, add your team name and up to 30 players names and print out. All you would need to do at pitchside would be to put a tick next to the starters and substitutes and add the shirt numbers and hand a copy to the Ref and a copy to the Opposition, job done.

Many teams have asked for team sheets to be available for League games, with these being so easy to use, perhaps give it a go and see how you get on!! 

There is an example sheet here for you if required.


To Download a copy of the Teamsheet click here

Click Here to see an example