Founded 1920

Colours: Royal Blue & Gold


Note – Figures represent years of membership, including the current Season. Years of service, in their particular office, are also showing in respect of the Officers of the League, including the current year.


Patron – Mr J. M. Carter (17)



Mr. Mike Fowler (17) (37)



Mr. Martin Prescott (1) (17)


Deputy Chairman:

Mrs Babs Pritchard (1) (15)


Secretary :

Mrs. Mandy Forbes (8) (17)

(b) 01202 490000 (m) 07594 030923 (e) iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hon. Treasurer:

Mr Tom Morris (23) (23)


Minutes Secretary:

Mr Dan Clark (1) (2)


Life Vice-Presidents:

Mr. V. G. Collick (41) 

Mr. M. R. Fowler (37)

Mr. A. R. Hart (34) 

Mr. Mick Ryan (28) 

Mr. Tom Morris (23)

Mr. Terry Thomas (23)

Mr. John Spalding (20)

Mr. Colin Brown (19)

Mr. Graham Joy (18)

Mr. Martin Prescott (17)

Mrs. Mandy Forbes (17)


Bournemouth Football League Divisional Representatives

D. Green, L. Langton, S. Mowlem, B Channing, T. Robins, C. Jones, A. Saunders


Hon. Solicitor

Mr. S. Nethercott (31)


Honorary Life Members 

Mr. A. J. Harrod (57) 

Mr. D. Godfrey (55)

Mr. B. E. Hughes (52) 

Mr. A. B. Saunders (49) 

Mr. Dave Pickles (44)

Mr. F. G. J. Cherrett (44) 

Mr. B. E. Perrett (42) 

Mr. P. Saltmarsh (40) 

Mr. R. D. Cooke (39)

Mr. M. Hurlock (36) 

Mr. J. M. Carter (35) 

Mr. G. Seymour (34)

Mr. Simon Nethercott (32)  

Mr. Dave Gooding (28) 

Mrs. Sandy Hills (25)

Mr. Martin Norman (24)

Mr. Steve Small (24)

Mr. Dave Astbury (23)

Mr. Robert Nuttall (19)

Mr. Mark Hart (19)


League Welfare Officer

Mrs. Mandy Forbes (5)


Referee Appointment Secretary

Mr. Luke Fletcher (1)