1. The entire control of the above competition shall be seated in the Management Committee of the Bournemouth Football League.
2. The Cup shall be called the BFL Supplementary League Cup and shall not become the property of any one Club.
3. The Competition shall be open to teams in the Bournemouth  Football League at the discretion of the BFL Management Committee and shall be by invitation only. There shall be no entry fees for this Competition.
4. The Management Committee shall have power to group the competing Clubs into one or more Mini Leagues in the early stages of the Competition during which the Rules of the Bournemouth Football League appropriate to the status of the competing Clubs shall apply, unless otherwise specified in these Rules.
In the event of semi final / final matches between group winners / runners-up, BFL Cup Competition Rules appropriate to the status of the Competing Clubs shall apply to these games, unless otherwise specified in these Rules.
5. In semi final / final matches where the scores are level after 90 minutes, the match shall be decided by penalties as laid down in the Hampshire Football Association Ltd Handbook.
6. All games shall be on a shared costs basis as per BFL Cup Competition Rules.
7. The winners of the Competition shall be presented with the trophy but individual awards will not be made to the winners or runners up.