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All Hayward League Clubs shall enter the relevant Cup Competitions for which they are qualified under the rules. Clubs with more than one team who qualifiy for the same competition may enter a second team if they wish.

The rules of the BHFL where applicable shall apply in all cases not covered by Cup Competition Rules.

1. The entire control and management of the above competition shall be vested in the Management Committee of the Bournemouth Hayward Football League.

2. The Cup  shall be called the “M. A. Hart Lawrence A. Brivati Challenge Cup”, and shall not become the property of any one Club.

3. This competition shall be open to teams competing in Divisions 4 of the Bournemouth Hayward Sunday League on payment of the entry fee of £40.00, which shall be paid on or before the Annual General Meeting in each year.

4. A player who has played in the M. A. Hart In-Excess Cup any Association or County Senior Cup, or any higher Cup competition (Sunday competitions only) during the current Season, except the M. A. Hart Robbins Cup, is NOT eligible to play in this competition. 

5. The conditions in Rules 4 - 17 inclusive of the Mark Hart Sunday Senior Cups apply to this competition.