14th June 2023:  Teams looking to play Pre-Season friendlies please remember that all friendly games must be sanctioned. If you are playing a team from within our M.A. Hart Bournemouth Sunday League then the game must be sanctioned by the Bournemouth Divisional Football Association.  If you are playing a team who do not play in the M.A. Hart Bournemouth Football League then please ensure that your opponents are affiliated with their County FA and have the required insurance.  If you are running a Tournament, Permission must be asked of the Sanctioning County FA.  You and your opponents must have purchased your team insurance and be affiliated to the County FA before we can sanction your games.

Please note that if you have completed your affiliation and do not have your game sanctioned. Your Players and the Referee have no Insurance cover. Also your club could be fined by County FA.


 Please contact the office by email with full details of dates, venues, opponents, KO times and Referee. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 










DATE Home Team Away Team Venue KO TIME REFEREE
16/7/23 Woodville Wanderers Westover Bournemouth Slades Farm 3G 10:15am Patrick Rowson
16/7/23 Cameron Kraken Sports Slades Farm 2:00pm
16/7/23 Cameron Reserves Bournemouth Electric Slades Farm 4:00pm Keith Goddard
20/7/23 Wallisdown Wanderers St Marys Ferndown Leisure Centre 6:15pm Scott Davidson
23/7/23 Bourne AFC Burton Slades Farm 10:00am
23/7/23 Bournemouth Electric A.P.R. Kinson Manor 12:00pm
23/7/23 Cameron Reserves Rushmere Reserves Slades Farm 10:30am
23/7/23 New Milton Borough Woodville Wanderers Winkton Fields 10:30am
23/7/23 Rushmere Upton Sociedad Ferndown Leisure Centre 10:30am Andre Linford
27/7/23 Wallisdown Wanderers St Marys Ferndown Leisure Centre 6:15pm Scott Davidson
30/7/23 A.P.R. Nelson Athletic Ferndown Leisure Centre 2:00pm
30/7/23 Camerons 1st Bmth Electric Slades Farm 2.00pm Mark Peppin
30/7/23 Camerons Res CST South United Slades Farm 4.00pm Scott Davidson
30/7/23 New Forest Rangers Bourne Ferndown Leisure Centre 2:00pm
30/7/23 Rushmere Victoria Park Rangers TBC Ferndown Leisure Centre 10:30am Dominic Archibold
30/7/23 Rushmere Reserves  Westover Bournemouth King George V 12:00pm Dominic Archibold
2/8/23 NMO Nelson Athletic Boldre Rec, Pilley 7:00pm
3/8/23 Bmth Electric ECSSC Broadway Lane 6.30am Mark Kelly
6/8/23 Camerons 1st Bournemouth Manor Res Slades Farm 4.00 pm Richard Batchelor
6/8/23 Camerons Res Bournemouth Sports Slades Farm 2.00pm Dominic Archibold
6/8/23 Bournemouth Athletic Longfleet Pelhams 10.30am Pasi Grillo
6/8/23 ECSSC UTFL Grange Road 10.30am Daniel Vines
6/8/23 Bourne East Christchurch Athletic Slades Farm 10:00am
6/8/23 NMO Rushmere Boldre Rec, Pilley 10:30am
6/8/23 Rushmere Reserves New Forest Rangers Ferndown Leisure Centre 10:30am
6/8/23 Wallisdown Wanderers Upton Sociedad Ferndown Leisure Centre 10:30am Pat Rowson
9/8/23 NMO Muscliff Boldre Rec, Pilley 7:00pm  
10/8/23 Bournemouth Electric Bmth Manor Reserves Broadway Lane 6.30pm Dave Green
10/8/23 Kraken Sports Longfleet (Saturday) County Ground, Hamworthy 6:15pm Paul Gibbons
13/8/23 AFC Burton Southbourne Athletic Winkton Fields 1.00pm  
13/8/23 Bourne Bournemouth Electric Slades Farm 10:00am Pat Rowson
13/8/23 Bournemouth Athletic CST South United Pelhams 10:30am Andre Linford
13/8/23 Camerons A.P.R. Slades Farm 2:00pm
13/8/23 East Christchurch Athletic Westover Bournemouth Grange Road 10:30am Garry Watson
13/8/23 Kraken Sports West Howe Reserves County Ground, Hamworthy 10:30am Paul Gibbons
13/8/23 Rushmere Rushmere Reserves Ferndown Leisure Centre 10:30am  
13/8/23 Scott V ECSSC ? 10.30am  
13/8/23 Wallisdown Wanderers Woodville Wanderers Ferndown Leisure Centre 10:30am Scott Davidson
16/8/23 Bournemouth Athletic JP Morgan Pelhams 6:00pm Andre Linford
16/8/23 NMO Westover Bournemouth Boldre Rec, Pilley 6:30pm
18/8/23 Bmth Sports ECSSC Chapel Gate 6:30pm
20/8/23 Boscombe Celtic Cameron Reserves Winkton Fields 1:00pm
20/8/23 New Forest Rangers East Christchurch Athletic Ferndown Leisure Centre 2:00pm
20/8/23 New Milton Borough Kraken Sports Winkton Fields 10:30am
20/8/23 NMO New Milton Borough Fawcetts Field 10:30am Ian Chiddicks
20/8/23 Rushmere JP Morgan Ferndown Leisure Centre 10:30am Andre Linford
20/8/23 Rushmere Reserves Longfleet (Saturday) Ferndown Leisure Centre 12:00pm Andre Linford
20/8/23 Wallisdown Wanderers Bourne Ferndown Leisure Centre 10:30am Pat Rowson
20/8/23 West Howe Reserves Westover Bournemouth Fernheath Road 10:30am
20/8/23 Woodville Wanderers Church Hill Utd Fernheath Road 10.00am Graham Thorburn
23/8/23 AFC Burton ECSSC Grange Road 6:30pm
24/8/23 Kraken Sports Sturminster Marshall Reserves County Ground, Hamworthy 6:15pm Paul Gibbons
27/8/23 Boscombe Celtic Reserves Bournemouth Manor Reserves Kinson Manor 10:30am
27/8/23 Bourne Upton Sociedad Slades Farm 10:00am Pat Rowson
27/8/23 Cameron Reserves Southbourne Athletic Ferndown Leisure Centre 2:30pm
27/8/23 NMO A.P.R. Fawcetts Field 10:30am Fern Holleyoak
27/8/23 Rushmere Boscombe Celtic  Ferndown Leisure Centre 12:00pm Chris Wright
27/8/23 Rushmere Reserves Church Hill United Ferndown Leisure Centre 10:30am Chris Wright
29/8/23 Longfleet Woodville Wanderers Branksome Rec 6:30pm
31/8/23 East Christchurch Athletic A.P.R. Grange Road TBC