Teams looking to play pre-Season friendlies please remember that all friendly games must be sanctioned. If you are playing a team from within our Bournemouth Hayward Saturday or Sunday Leagues then the game must be sanctioned by the Bournemouth Divisional Football Association.  If the home team is a Hampshire or Dorset League team then please ensure with the respective County FA that the game has been sanctioned by them and inform us of the game.

 Please contact the office by email with full details of dates, venues and opponents. Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


 AJFC (New Team Sunday Div 4) have a pitch booked at Corfe Mullen Rec 1pm 9th August and there opponents have pulled out.  Any takers for this friendly please contact Scott Davidson on 07725 041676.



The Following matches have been Sanctioned


 Date  Home Team  Away  Venue Time
1st August 2020 Ferndown FC Bournemouth Sports Res Slades Farm 2.00
2nd August  AFC Burton Rushmere Slades Farm 3G 12.00
2nd August Windgreen Corfe Mullen Boscombe Celtic Corfe Mullen Rec 10.30
2nd August Hamworthy Rec U18s Winton Athletic Hamworthy Rec 18.00
 4th August   West Howe Sat  Parkstone Athletic   Fernheath Road  18.30
6th August West Howe Res West Howe First Fern Heath Road 10.30
8th August Boscombe Celtic Res BCHA Corfe Mullen Rec 10.00 am
8th August Bisterne Utd AFC Burton Saturday Bisterne 2 pm
8th August Ferndown FC Barolo Slades Farm 1.00
8th August Twynham Rangers Bashley U23s  Slades Farm  6.30 pm
9th August Iford Park Rangers Nelson TBC 10.30
9th August AFC Burton Sunday Bmth Athletic TBC Burton 10.30 am
9th August Southside Vipers Branksome Liberal Corfe Mullen Rec 10.30
 9th August  West Howe Res Sun  Kings Park Rangers  Fernheath Road  10.30
 9th August  Grange Athletic  Tower Park  West Moors  tbc
9th August West Howe First Poole Rovers Fern Heath Road 10.30
12th August Kirkfield TGC FC Slades Park 20.30
12th August Bearwood Broncos West Howe Fernheath Road 18.45
12th August West Howe First Bearwood Broncos Fernheath Road 18.30
15th August  Bournemouth Manor  Sturminster Marshall  Kinson Manor  2 pm
15th August Ferndown FC Corfe Castle Res Slades Farm 2.00
16th August Kracken Sports Iford Park Rangers Hamworthy 10.30
16th August AFC Burton Sun Res Parkstone Athletic  TBC Burton 10.30
16th August Grange Athletic Academy West Moors tbc
16th August Bmth Sports AFC Burton Saturday Slades Farm 3G 12 pm
16th August Tower Park AJFC Fryers Field 10.00
16th August Bournemouth Elec Vets Winton Athletic The Broadway 10.30
16th August East Christchurch SSC Brockenhurst Vets Grange Road 10.30 am
16th August Boscombe Celtic First Kings Park Rovers Slades Farm  3.00
16th August FC Hajduk Rushmere Ferndown Leisure 10.30
18th August FBT Downton U23 Fordingbridge 7.15 pm
18th August Bournemouth Manor Bashley Reserves Kinson Manor 7 pm
19th August East Christchurch SSC God First Grange Road  7.00 pm
19th August Kirkfield Ferndown FC Slades Park 20.30
22nd August AFC Burton Saturday Mudeford Mens Burton 2 pm
22nd August Bmth Manor Ray Reserves Kinson Manor 2 pm
22nd August Ferndown FC Manor Res Slades Farm 2.00  
23rd August AFC East Christchurch Iford Park Rangers Grange Road 10.30
23rd August AFC Burton Sunday NMO Burton 10.30 am
23rd August AJFC Parkstone Athletic TBC Corfe Mullen Rec 1.00
23rd August West Howe TGC FC Fernheath Road  10.30
23rd August Kirkfield Poole Rovers Blandford School 10.30
23rd August West Howe res Forest United Fern Heath Road 10.30
23rd August Kraken Sports Academy County Ground 10.30
23rd August  FC Hajduk Bransgore United Ferndown Leisure 10.30
25th August FBT Redlynch 1st  Fordingbridge 7.15 pm
26th August Kirkfield Tower Park Slades Park 20.30
27th August AFC Burton Saturday Westover Bmth Res Burton 6.30 pm
29th August Ferndown FC Bournemouth Sports Res Slades Farm 2.00
29th August Bmth Manor Poppies Kinson Manor 2 pm
 30th August Iford Park Rangers Portchester  TBC  10.30
 30th August AJFC Winton Athletic Slades Farm 3.00
 30th August Kirkfield Parkstone Blandford School 10.30
 30th August  Grange Athletic   Bournemouth Sports  fryers Field  tbc
 30th August  East christchurch SSC  Rushmere  Grange Road  10.30 am



Date  Home Team Away  Venue Time
Aug 11th AFC Burton Sun  Quayside Burton  10.30
Aug 11 AFC Stourvale Kirkfield Ferndown LC 10.30
Aug 11 NMO Alderney Manor Fawcett Fields 10.30
Aug 11 Kraken Sports Talbot Rangers  County Ground 10.30
Aug 11 New Milton Eagles AFC Allbrook Fawcett Fields 10.30
Aug 11 Electric Reserves Vienna Windows Broadway 10.30
Aug 11 Woodville Wanderers Poole CST Pelhams 13.15
Aug 11 Siemens Grange Athletic Chapel Gate 10.30
Aug 11 West Howe Res Bournemouth Athletic Pelhams 10.30
Aug 11th Poole Borough Rovers Alderney Manor res Turlin Moor 10.30
Aug 13 Bournemouth Manor Christchurch Reserves Kinson Manor 19.00
Aug 14 Queens Park Athletic Milford Ferndown LC 19.00
Aug 14 Newtown Athletic Poole Borough TurlinMoor 18.30
Aug 15 Poole Bay Grange Athletic Turlin Moor 19.00
Aug 17th  AFC Burton Westover Bournemouth Reserves Burton 14.00
Aug 17 Bisterne United New Milton Eagles Bisterne 14.00
Aug 17 Broadstone Queens Park Athletic Turlin Moor 15.00
Aug 17 Electric Res   Broadway 14.00
Aug 17 Woodville Wanderers Academy Pelhams 11.00
Aug 17 Bournemouth Electric Tisbury United Broadway 14.00
Aug 18th AFC Burton Sun Bournemouth Sports Mercury Burton 10.30
Aug 18  AFC Stourvale Grange Athletic Ferndown LC 10.30
Aug 18 Boscombe Celtic Scott V Fawcetts Fields 10.30
Aug 18 NMO Kirkfield United Fawcetts Fields 10.30
Aug 18 Kraken Sports Boscombe Celtic Reserves County Ground 10.30
Aug 18 East Christchurch SSC Rushmere Grange Road 10.30
Aug 18 AFC East Christchurch Christchurch FC Vets Grange Road 10.30
Aug 18 Longfleet Quayside Turlin Moor 10.30
Aug 18 Bearwood Broncos Fiveways Fern Heath Road 10.30
Aug 18 Hamworthy Rec U18 Poole Town U18 Magna Road 14.00
Aug 18 Siemens First Vienna Suttoner First Rossmore 10.30
Aug 18 Siemens Res Poole Wanderers Corfe Mullen 10.30
Aug 20 Bisterne United Ringwood Bisterne 18.30
Aug 20 Bournemouth Manor Bournemouth Sports Kinson Manor 18.30
Aug 21 Ringwood Town Development East Chrstchurch SSC Ringwood 19.00
Aug 21 Talbot Rangers Bournemouth Electric Roko 18.45
Aug 24 Mudeford Mens Club Tolworth United Highcliffe Rec 14.00
Aug 24th  AFC Burton  Bournemouth Electric Reserves Burton 14.00
Aug 24th Bournemouth Electric 1st Cobham Reserves Broadway 14.00
Aug 24 Queens Park Athletic   Ferndown LC 14.00
Aug 24 AFC Burton Electric Res Burton Rec 14.00
Aug 25 AFC Burton Scott V Burton Rec 10.30
Aug 25 East Christchurch SSC Poole Rovers Grange Road 10.30
Aug 25 Bearwood Broncos West Howe Reserves Fern Heath Road  10.30
Aug 25 Morden  AFC Branksome Morden 10.30
Aug 25 Talbot Rangers Shoulder of Mutton   10.30
Aug 25 Bournemouth Sports Mercury Boscombe Celtic Chapel Gate 10.30
Aug 25 Longfleet FC Alderney Manor Res Branksome Rec 10.30
Aug 27th East Christchurch SSC     Milford-on-Sea Hurn Bridge 19.30
Aug 27 Bisterne United Mudeford Mens Club Bisterne 18.30
Aug 27 AFC East Christchurch AFC Portchester Grange Road 19.00
Aug 28 Bearwood Broncos Cobham Reserves Fern Heath Road 18.30
Aug 29 Bournemouth Electric Broadstone FC Broadway 18.30
Aug 29 Logfleet FC Verwood All Stars Dev Branksome Rec 18.30
Sept 1st AFC Burton Vets Christchurch Vets Burton 10.30