Sunday 19th May 2024 at the County Ground, Hamworthy


Ace marksman Shane Barney struck twice when Kraken Sports emerged 3-1 winners against The Tides Inn from the Weymouth Sunday League in the DORSET SUNDAY CHALLENGE CUP FINAL at the County Ground.

The Tides Inn started confidently but were left high and dry when Kraken took the lead in the 12th minute with SHANE BARNEY latching onto a long clearance from goalkeeper Matt Ford to steer the ball past the ‘keeper.

Kraken nearly doubled their lead five minutes later when Pat Spiteri drove a 20 yard shot narrowly wide of the post.     Pat Spiteri’s pace on the left was causing concern for the Weymouth side who already had their hands full trying to contain the menace of Max Wilcock.

It was only a matter of time before Kraken increased their lead and the second goal eventually arrived in the 37th minute when Ocean Smith’s shot was pushed away by the ‘keeper but only as far as SHANE BARNEY who headed it over the covering defender on the line and into the back of the net.

The Tides Inn pulled one back midway through the second half with a neat finish and only a brilliant save by 17 year old goalkeeper Matt Ford denied them an equaliser in the 75th minute when he managed to deflect a blistering strike from outside the penalty area against the crossbar.

Kraken’s two goal lead was restored two minutes later though when Jon Vukcevic’s shot was blocked and the ball rebounded to OCEAN SMITH who steered it home from 10 yards.

Shane Barney had a 25 yard effort in the 83rd minute which brought a good diving save from The Tides Inn ‘keeper and the Kraken striker was denied again denied his hat-trick two minutes from time when he drove the ball past the ‘keeper only to see a defender block it with a timely goal line clearance.

Kraken Sports:   Matt Ford, Richard Fieldhouse, Brad Hill, Shabob Sayaran, Iain Kay, Jack Broad, Dan Naish, Patrick Spiteri, Shane Barney, Max Wilcock, Ocean Smith, Sam Ellaway, Peter Jones, Jon Vukcevic, Kieron Mulvey, Orhan Karakaya.






Sunday 19th May 2024  at Winklebury, Basingstoke


The Meon once again proved to be East Christchurch SSC’s nemesis when they were convincing 6-0 winners in the JOHN WARD HAMPSHIRE SUNDAY SENIOR CUP FINAL at Winklebury.       It was The Meon who put Mitch East’s side out of the quarter final stage of last season’s competition and the City of Portsmouth Sunday League side were able to field an even stronger side this time, dominating the game from start to finish.      

East Christchurch had the worst possible start when they conceded as early as the second minute with The Meon’s front man MAX DAVIES capitalising on a defensive error to race through and slip the ball past goalkeeper Ollie Bull.

The Bournemouth side were unfortunate not to be on terms three minutes later when Darren Orchard’s excellent diagonal ball found Levi Ridealgh on the left who, after initially being checked on the edge of the penalty area, still managed to steer a shot past the goalkeeper which was cleared off the line by a Meon defender.

The Meon doubled their lead in the 12th minute when MAX DAVIES was put through one on one with Ollie Bull again and he calmly slotted the ball past the East Christchurch ‘keeper.

The Meon added a third goal a minute before the interval and this time Max Davies was the provider, racing through from the half way line with the East Christchurch defence appealing in vain for offside, to square the ball for JAMES COWAN to score with a simple tap in.

MAX DAVIES completed his hat-trick eight minutes into the second half and Ollie Bull produced an excellent save five minutes later to keep out a powerful header from a corner. The East Christchurch ‘keeper made another good save a few minutes later to deny Max Davies.

The Meon scored a fifth goal in the 75th minute when JAMES COWAN latched onto a misplaced clearance, took the ball into the penalty area, and slotted it home.

Ollie Bull made another good save six minutes from time, turning a shot round the post for a corner, but JAMES COWAN completed his hat-trick for The Meon in the 90th minute, drilling a low shot past Ollie Bull and into the far corner of the net.

East Christchurch SSC :   Ollie Bull, Aaron Staples (Elliott Hartnell-Baker 64 mins), Dan Whitehouse, Callum Dickenson (Gavin Haynes 60 mins), Dan Hancock, Darren Orchard, Jamie Trimble, Sol Bower, Alex Hancox, Dave Midgley (Kieran Davies 85 mins), Levi Ridealgh.

 TM_5.jpg                                   TM_26.jpg

Many thanks to Simon Carlton and Steve Harris for their photographs from the Dorset Sunday Challenge Cup Final and to Steve Harris for his photographs from the John Ward Hampshire Sunday Senior Cup Final.



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